Summer 2018

PRoject RD93

taking donated denim and turning them into trendy messenger bags. The goal of this project is to reduce the amount of textile waste in our landfills. In the United States alone, more than 15 million tons of textiles are produced: an average American consumer throws away 80 pounds of clothes per person and 85% of used textiles go into landfills, however nearly 100% of textiles at reusable. 

The debut of the RD93 bags will be presented at the 2018 Brands Give Back fashion show at the University of Illinois- Urbana. To get more information about this fashion show, please visit the upcoming events page to learn more and stay connected.

Disclaimer: RD stands for Reusable Denim

More information will be posted on main website, facebook, and instagram. Stay tuned for Project RD93

RD93-Coming Soon (2).jpg

how does it work?

Any person in the United States can donate their used jeans to ninetythree. Those used textiles will be cleaned and sanitized then cut into pattern pieces for a bag. Those pieces will be constructed then lined with fabric to create a beautiful work of art that reduces the wasted material that end up in our landfills. Absolutely no textiles will be thrown into landfills, scraps from project RD93 will be shredded and turned into fiberfill, which will continue a cycle of waste free production.

looking toward the future

Message from CEO: ninetythree is an ambitious company. I hope to see a decrease in textile waste and a surge in other companies deciding to change the way they dispose of their own textiles. In the future I hope to partner with companies such as goodwill, or local boutiques to add collection boxes to their store fronts that way anyone can donate to their convenience. You can expect this bags to be "sheek" and trendy, coming is various styles, I hope people send in all their used denim and decide to get involved. I know there are people ion the world who want to make a difference but are not sure how; this can be one of the ways they help the environment and give back to their community by protecting the ecosystem.


According to the EPA, 5% of landfill space is occupied by textiles

85% of all textiles are not recycled and end up in landfills

An average American donates about 12 pounds of apparel, footwear, and household textiles

The average American throws away about 70-80 pounds of textiles annually

100 % of textiles are reusable